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About us

GeeXstar is a boutique tech and internet advisory company for digital media companies and start-ups across Southeast Asia and Europe, covering M&A, fundraising and strategic topics. We leverage our know-how and global network to connect smart money with great companies, find fundamental strategies for growth, raise hidden potentials and develop smart fundraising and exit plans.

GeeXstar also launches fast growing internet companies across Southeast Asia by combining creative ideas with experienced entrepreneurs, technical expertise and the local community.

The powerful combination of advisory services and our tech ventures makes GeeXstar unique compared to the competition.

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    We support internet companies in finding the right partner, to either accelerate the growth through connecting to Financial Investors and Venture Capital companies or executing the Exit by finding the right acquirer globally.

    GeeXstar support its clients on sell-side, buy-side and fundraising projects.

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    We are building scalable internet companies in several areas, e.g. education, healthcare and advertising.

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Our Value-Add


GeeXstar is 100% focused on Geeks. We have a deep understanding of the industry dynamics and technology companies.

The GeeXstar team members are tech entrepreneurs itself, adding value beyond banking and strategic advice, providing full commitment to deliver top quality advisory at all stages.

GeeXstar has strong relationships with investors, entrepreneurs and decision makers. We have a great global network combined with a deep knowledge of the Southeast Asian markets.

We support clients in Southeast Asia and help companies from abroad to enter the market via acquisitions, partnerships and mergers. We also provide investors from abroad with market knowledge, establishing connections to potential partners and promising start-ups.

GeeXstar Team





Managing Partner

Martin is an experienced technology M&A banker with an entrepreneurial mindset. He worked for leading M&A boutiques on cross-border transactions with a strong focus on emerging markets. He advises start-ups and digital media companies on fundraising, mergers& acquisitions and strategic topics. Before he started his investment banking career, he worked for several industrial companies in Germany. Before his professional career, Martin studied at three universities in Europe and holds a M.A. degree in economics (Corporate Finance & Banking). Martin is focused on Southeast Asia and all technology related projects.

E-Mail: martin@geexstar.com


Managing Partner

Christian is an experienced consultant, lecturer and researcher. He has been working as an innovation and knowledge management strategic consultant and is teaching entrepreneurship and innovation management. He is currently doing his Ph.D. in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship. Christian is a frequent contributor to the Thai Startup community and a mentor to several startups. As an entrepreneur he has experience in online advertisement, media, and education. Christian is responsible for technology projects with a focus on advertisement, media, and education in Asia.

E-Mail: christianw@geexstar.com


Managing Partner

Christian is an casualty doctor with an entrepreneurial background primarily to hardware startups. Before studying medicine in Germany he built up his first IT trading company in the age of 17.  While working for 4 years in hospitals specializing in surgery and orthopedics he helped to build up several localized startups with profound knowledge in electronic and physical applications. Christian holds a doctoral research position at the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, a institution of the Humboldt University Berlin. Christian is focused on Europe, Southeast Asia and healthcare projects.

E-Mail: christians@geexstar.com


Selected References

(References from employees with previous employers)

  • Sell-side advisory to the leading classifieds portal in Belgium (successfully sold to eBay)
  • Sell-side advisory (B-series financing)  the leading online car classifieds in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Sell-side advisory (A-series financing) to a German social network
  • Sell-side and ongoing strategic advisory to a large German media company, structuring and managing the disposal of four portfolio companies, consisting of an classifieds portal, a regional TV station, a ticketing provider and a publishing house
  • Sell-side advisory to an engineering company providing solutions for driver assistance and comfort systems
  • Sell-side advisory to a leading Romanian Oracle Platinum Partner specialized in Oracle Applications, Technology and Middleware solutions for public and private sectors in Romania and Middle East
  • Sell-side advisory to a systems company developing revolutionary family of 10/40 Gigabit Ethernet switches
  • Sell-side advisory to a leading Polish value-added storage solutions distributor specializing in selling and installing storage, back-up, archive, disaster recovery and continuous data protection hardware and sof
  • Sell-side advisory (B-series financing) to an Israeli RFID Management Solution Provider, providing its customers with capabilities for overall operational and business enhancement
  • Buy-side advisory to Exclusive Networks, a French IT group, exclusively advising on the acquisition of a German Value Added IT Distributor company



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GeeXstar – Bangkok

1451/335 Life@Sukhumvit 65
Sukhumvit Road, Phrakanong
Bangkok 10110, Thailand

GeeXstar – Hong Kong 

1010, 10/F Miramar Tower
132 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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