Startup Consulting

You are a startup and want to grow to the next level? Or are you a corporate who is interested in digital companies?

We support startups with:

  • Business/Venture Development, Customer Growth
  • Internationalisation, especially from Asia to Europe and vice versa
  • Venture Capital/External investor readiness, i.e. preparation of pitch documents, financial models, pitch coaching, KPI (Key Performance Indicator) set-up
  • Fundraising strategy/execution
  • Interim COO/CFO/Business Developer

We support corporates with:

  • Creating a digital strategy
  • Creating a digital M&A strategy
  • Connecting to suitable startups and investment targets
  • Market scanning and Due Diligence
  • Investment, acquisition and divestment execution.

Digitization is a magatrend – the effects of a digitized world are increasingly reaching corporates across the globe. Products, services, HR, operational process are moving fast into the digital era. Digital technology is enabling new business models and entire markets. Today’s customers expect enterprises to offer digital solutions. Finding strategies to win in a fully digitized world, should be on the agenda of every company in every industry. Speed is essence.

Mergers&Acquisitions, investments in disruptive business models and startups let companies keep up with the pace of innovation. Where innovation can not happen quick enough, acquisitions and startup investments are the best way to keep the pace in a fast changing world.